Victor Boone Will Save Us

Victor Boone Will Save UsVictor Boone is an arrogant six-foot tall hunk of man candy who uses incredible powers to fly around in spandex and save his city's citizens from evil doers. Especially the busty ones.

But he's not a superhero.

The truth is, an invisible, insecure and overweight Robby Willis is the one with the powers. But he's so terrified of anyone knowing that he even exists as a person that he's not comfortable with a cliche disguise.

The two men form a partnership: Robby does the saving and Victor takes the credit.

The problem is, Victor's been murdered.

Can Robby overcome his social anxiety with the help of the prettiest smelling girl he's ever known? Or will he let the evil villain The Vacant destroy the city, leaving him to finally be alone?

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The Surface's End

The Surface's EndNear the edge of Jonah Whitfield's small farming village lies the Deathlands - a strange desert in the middle of a lush, green landscape.

It is strictly forbidden.

Jonah often lingers at the border of the Deathlands out of curiosity, hunting wild game where no one else feels safe. When he follows a wounded deer into the desolate expanse, he stumbles upon a hatch to a futuristic underground society.

After setting eyes on a beautiful girl whose only wish is to see the surface, Jonah is determined to free her from a prison made of comfort and lies. Can he rescue her, or will he find himself trapped mere miles away from the life he has taken for granted?

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The Dirt Walkers

The Dirt WalkersThe sequel to The Surface's End.

The truth about the Deathlands is revealed as soon as Talitha arrives in Jonah's quiet town. Her presence is unsettling. Some are accepting, but others feel the need to prepare for an attack on their way of life from the people living beneath the desert.

Deep underground, however, the facts about the surface are further censored and obscured. The Facility Leaders are doing everything within their power to keep their citizens - especially the Laborers - in the dark.

But both worlds have been illuminated, and must face the reality of each other's existence.

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